A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You play as a young girl named Yuu, who on a whim decided to move to the countryside in a small secluded village away from her mundane city life. 

This is a project for my game art class, I thought it would be nice to let people see what I've been working on! 


Move with the arrow keys

To interact with characters, press x on the keyboard!

Walk into the Fox to begin the battle!

Known Bugs:

Dialogue boxes do not close out after dialogue is finished, simply walk away from the location and it will close out.

The escape quit command does not currently work.

Once in the forest, there is no way to return back to the previous location.

Please enjoy! (-: I put a lot of effort into this!

Install instructions

should work when downloaded (-:


LetsBeFriends-MAC.app.zip 26 MB
LetsBeFriends-WINDOWS.zip 21 MB


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once you die from the fox you cant fight him again, and i love it btw it is so cute and i love the music.